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Satellite events

During the week of june 24th to 28, Montevideo will host multiple events.


In the days leading to the Regional Conference on Open Data for Latin America and the Caribbean, the following events will take place:



Unconference gathering civil society to discuss and exchange ideas on usage of Open Data to address issues of social relevance.

Centro Cultural de España, Rincón 629  Visit ABRE LATM website


Open Data Business Models

Presentations and workshops on the growing opportunities to build profitable endeavors upon Open Data and other business models based based on them.

Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española en Uruguay, 25 de Mayo 520  Visit Open Data Business Models website


Open Data Workshop W3C Brasil

Technical sessions and workshop on Open and Linked Data to be held on monday 24th and tuesday 25th of june.


OD4D seminar: Potential and Emerging Impact of Open Data in Latin America and the Caribbean

To be held in the afternoon of tuesday june 25, upon the “Open Data for Development” initiative by CEPAL, IDRC-CRDI and W3C. You can download the seminar's agenda in PDF.