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Practical information

General information to ease your stay in Montevideo and asistance to the conference.


Radisson Victoria Plaza, Plaza Independencia 759, Montevideo 11100, Uruguay. +598 2902 0111

Atendees will be asked to show the conference tag upon entering the conference room.

Cellphone usage inside conference rooms is forbidden.

Uruguay is a smoke-free country, so smoking is forbidden in closed public venues and every workspace, public or private.


Translation services to english will be provided to specially marked activities in the schedule.

Uruguay’s official language is spanish, though most hotel, restaurant, agency and bank personnel is fluent in english.


You can reach the venue by taxi, which are easy to find in the street.

You may also call a taxi from your hotel or dialling 141, 1919 or 1771 (spanish speaking operators).


Montevideo has a standard level of security.

Still, precautions as using the safety vault provided in your hotel room to store IDs and expensive equipment are recommended.

Moneda y tipo de cambio

Official currency in Uruguay is the uruguayan peso.

Approximate exchange:

USD 1 = UYU 19 / EUR 1 = UYU 24 

Most credit cards and US dollars are accepted in most hotels and restaurants in Montevideo.


Openening hours are from 13:00 to 18:00.

BROU - Agencia Missiones - Cerrito 450 

BROU - Agencia Convención - Convención 1300

Electric outlets

Uruguay uses 220 volt electric current.

Outlets use three cylindrical pegs (C/F/E/ salidas L).


The venue has first aid service.


The venue has courtesy internet access through WiFi in the conference area.